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Welcome to the best organization of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. The organization offers house movement services.

Our organization’s primary objective is to give proficient, solid, reasonable and dependable moving administrations.

At the current time, it’s somewhat confounded to observe the best organization who appropriately thinks often about your costly stuff. Destroy, pack all things, and guard everything without any preparation and different harms.

We give movers and packers benefits all over UAE. You can get a great deal of advantages from our administrations assuming that you are intending to move your convenience. In the event that you are not yet mindful of what are those benefits then, at that point, let me disclose them to you! why? our expert organization has passed every one of the norms as the best movers in Abu Dhabi.



Money has big worth in our lives and we allow you an opportunity to set aside your cash through utilizing our moving administrations. You will get a reliable quotation after examination of the things. Compare our quotation with other relocation organizations to know the difference. Our quotation depend on the nature of administration and amount of items.

Trusted movers and packers in Abu Dhabi from our organization will be in-charge in the packing of your furniture and appliances. We are utilizing great quality packaging materials that have enough and extraordinary strength, durability, and flexibility to use for packing and storing your items.

When you employ us to be your expert movers in Abu Dhabi, we can likewise give you encloses advance to pack your personal stuff such as clothes, jewelry, make-ups, and other valuables.

Movers and packers can safeguard the entirety of your furnishings and apparatuses from getting any harms while on the moving system. As I have referenced, we have excellent supplies for packing your stuff. We will guarantee that you can trust our trucking organization in Abu Dhabi to do every one of the vital stages for your migration.

As you pick our movers and packers organization we can move your all things at very much planned. This is exceptionally fundamental when you are going to move starting with one spot then onto the next.

Time is certainly gold and we would rather not burn through a ton of time simply packing and moving family stuff. Employing us can give you the best staff that are extremely diligent and specialists in house migration.

They can guarantee you that they will give you the best moving administrations as the expert movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.



Are you looking for movers and packers in Abu Dhabi? But you worry how to find trusted company to shift all of your house items safely? Don’t worry! We got your back.


Accurate and Reasonable prices for Moving


Customer Trust and Happiness


Familiarity with all the Places


High-quality packaging materials


Well-trained Staff (Crew Members)


Reliable Relocation Service


Moving Service Experience


Punctual Moving Process

Accurate and Reasonable prices for Moving

Assuming you are moving from one spot onto the next in Abu Dhabi. Then, at that point, one thing you doubtlessly consider is the cost.
You want to hire budget-friendly and trusted movers that can help you in your moving. This is why ASAS MOVERS is the best movers and packers in UAE. We can take care of all of your stuffs and we will give you very reasonable price for your moving.

Customer's Trust and Happiness

We offer extremely proficient moving services to our clients. We deal with costly furnishings and different things while relocation process. We have over 3000 blissful clients.

Our moving administrations generally utilized by returning clients which are extremely cheerful and fulfilled.

Familiarity with all the places

As we have a great deal of experience in this field, we are as of now acquainted with the areas. Furthermore this is one reason why you should employ our organization as your accomplice in moving. We guarantee you that every one of your stuffs will be followed through on the perfect locations with impeccable timing.

High-quality Packaging Materials

Movers and packers Abu Dhabi give top notch packaging materials that can be utilized in your moving. We have different size of container boxes, bubble roll, stretch roll, container roll and different materials. Utilizing of these best-quality packaging materials will guarantee the security of your furniture while moving.

We will pack the entirety of your furnishings and appliances when you will going to move and we guarantee you that it will has no damages after your moving.

Well-Trained Staff (Crew Members)

As the confirmed proficient movers in Abu Dhabi our group is thoroughly prepared and exceptional. Our group is one call away and prepared for your full moving. Our organization has different preparation and test meetings for the group. We rank our employee’s designation based on performance.

Furniture craftsmen can dismantle and fix a wide range of imperial and extravagance furniture. They are familiar with home appliances fitting also.

Reliable Relocation Service

We are very affordable movers and packers we don’t charge more than it’s worth because our offered service is significant and we would rather not give you exorbitant cost which is more higher than your financial plan. Above all else, we do a short review and give cost since we check everything for packing and transportation.

Moving Service Experience

With 20 years of being in this industry, we have demonstrated our authenticity and our best moving services. Therefore a great deal of our clients continue to return to us assuming they will actually want to move again or they generally suggest our offered services as the best movers in Abu Dhabi to their companions and family members.

Our group is as of now master in moving and packing so they can truly give you everything that is required for your moving.

Punctual Moving Process

We can complete a wide range of moving works within the timeframe of only 1 day. Assuming you enlist us as your home movers and packers in Abu Dhabi then, don’t stress over how long will require.

Our furniture craftsmen are superfast in a wide range of furniture dismantling and fixing. The packing team packs everything in no time.

For movers and packers, time is truly valuable to them and for this reason they will begin and complete their deals with a decent time.

Our Service Process Steps



Site (House) Survey


Furniture and Appliances Dismantling


All household Packing


Transportation and Fixing

Site (House) Survey

First, we give a site survey when our clients reach us for administrations as movers in Abu Dhabi. We send our supervisor whenever our particular client needs to assess all the house items to calculate the quotation amount based on quantity and transportation.

Furniture and Appliances Dismantling

We do all the dismantling of furniture like beds, Cupboards, Dressing Tables, Dining Table, Sofas (if needed), Tv Stands, and appliances like Fridge, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Dryer and so forth to keep our movers and packers process smooth and delicate.

All Household Packing

We give legitimate packing service while we take care of business as movers in Abu Dhabi. We do proficient packing of your stuff which can’t get any harm when we load and unload into trucks. We utilize great materials for packing services like (Carton boxes, Stretch Film Roll, Bubble Wraps, Tapes, Blankets, Packaging peanuts, thermocol sheets, and so on).
For furniture, we utilize the stretch film roll and carton roll to safeguard it from any sort of harm and scratches. For glasses, we use bubble wrap which is extremely defensive for glasses and other costly things. For little things like garments, kitchen things, front room things we use carton boxes to keep everything appropriately and simple to unload and arrangement after migration.

Transportation and Fixing

Whenever we complete the process of dismantling and packing then we load it into our trucks which are box-covered defensive and shift it to the new house. The primary thing is fixing of furniture which can be a cerebral pain in some cases however we have proficient furniture craftsmen. They are exceptionally quick in these obligations. They fix everything in a brief timeframe and put everything as they got. We assure you that your furnishings and gadgets will be moved securely.




Box Covered Trucks


Easy Payment Methods


Unpacking Service

Site (House) Survey

As the best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, we guarantee that everything that we will use in moving your furniture is safe. This incorporates the closed trucks that we are utilizing while at the same time moving your things to your next spot.

We give trucks wherein the staff can stack all of your stuff to get its wellbeing. A vehicle for moving your furniture is one of the principle factors that you ought to think about while recruiting movers and packers.

We take care of closed trucks to provide safety to your stuff from getting wet, harmed, scratches, and to remain private.

We care about your things and we guarantee that every one of them will be protected while moving. In the wake of packing your things utilizing our excellent packing materials, we will stack every one of them on our covered closed trucks and convey them to the new destination.

I- Safe in Rain

We guarantee you that all your furniture will be protected from rain as we provide these closed trucks, unlike to other people who simply give open trucks, and safety can’t be ensured.

We care about our clients and we additionally care about their furnishings so we ensure that beds, beddings, cupboards, tables, seats, couches, and different things will be protected from the rain while moving to the new area.

II- Safe in Travel

Our moving trucks will get the entirety of your stuff and ensure that it will be 100 percent protected in movement. Our staff will put together your furniture inside the truck. So it will not get any harms or scratches and ensure that it will be conveyed to your new home on schedule and safe.

Our moving trucks will get the entirety of your stuff and ensure that it will be 100 percent protected in movement. Our staff will put together your furniture inside the truck. So it will not get any harms or scratches and ensure that it will be conveyed to your new home on schedule and safe.

We ensure that the things inside the trucks are efficient like the division of delicate things to not touch one another, and furniture to appliances to keep from getting broken.

After packing all the things, we will stack them in a legitimate way. Wherein the furnishings and appliances can’t move while the transportation. Since we are thoroughly prepared, we are as of now specialists with regards to this field and for this reason our clients continue to believe us with regards to house movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

III- Items safe from bad eyes

Obviously, we have to move the items in a private manner and this is additionally why we give this sort of box-covered truck. We regard your security and this incorporates your furniture to be stacked on closed trucks for your wellbeing and protection.

So assuming you will be moving your home furnishings and machines to another area, kindly do approach us because we can help you anytime and anyplace. Reach us for a free quotation for the move.

Easy Payment Methods

There are 2 Payment methods through which you can pay us for our services.
Since we are movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, and we can simply meet our clients upon the arrival of their turn, we have installment choices like cash on delivery and bank transfer.

You can choose whatever you want like cash or wire transaction. We will charge you once the work has been at last executed on the day of your move. We don’t charge in advance. You can pay us after you are fully satisfied. Bank transfer will only work if you transfer 10000 AED and above or above. f it will be lower than that then we prefer and highly suggested to just pay on the exact day or after the work has been finished on your moving day.

Unpacking Service

We give you the best moving and packing services. In the event that you move, we will be the one to unload all of your furniture once it arrives at your new destination. We will give you boxes to your own belongings wherein you can put your things.

After confirming the moving from us, we already prepare what materials like boxes, plastics, bubble rolls, tapes, and other things that will be needed in your moving.

We will organize it all in our closed truck wherein it will be all safe since it will not move inside the truck so your furniture will not get damages and scratches from your moving.

we will not let you unpack your big furniture so we will be the one to handle all of your items from the very beginning of your move until the end of your move.

We can also provide female staff for packing or unpacking of your kitchen related things if you want.