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As professional movers and packers in Dubai, the team has extensive experience in all types of office and home relocations. The entire moving team has passed various tests in disassembling and repairing household items, packing furniture and electronics, loading and unloading vehicles and more.

The company has insurance plans that make it easy for customers to repair damaged products. We guarantee quality service and after-sales service.

The company guarantees quality service from start to finish. The team will leave your place as soon as everything is settled at home. You pay after checking everything in person and telling the manager that you are happy with our moving service.

So you have to leave all your worries to us, just sit back and relax and feel the thrill of moving with the help of a professional moving and packing company in Dubai.

The main advantage of using our moving services is reliable and affordable prices. Customers can check and compare prices with other moving companies. Secure packaging and fastening of furniture for everything included in the quote.

Why to choose house shifting movers and packers in Dubai?

Choosing the best moving and packing company can be difficult, but we have made it easy for our customers based on the information below. Customers can easily decide why they choose our company.

Our focus is customer satisfaction and the management team strives to provide the best customer support when customers need it. We guarantee the quality of service and ensure 100% responsibility.

  • Best quality of packing materials
  • 4500 returned satisfied customers
  • Affordable moving prices
  • Free site survey
  • Flexibility in extra items
  • Well-trained packing helpers
  • Expert furniture carpenters
  • Supervisor monitory
  • 100% insured
  • Covered moving trucks

Best quality of packing materials?

Packaging materials are the most important for the packaging of furniture, electronics and other household items. We use only the best quality packing materials, reliable movers and packers in Dubai. Five layers of cartons are available in advance to pack your personal items.

We use bubble roll which is very expensive and not used by every mooring line in Dubai because of the price. But we make sure that the services we offer must be reliable by our customers. Bubble Roll is used for cups, kitchen utensils such as plates, cups, glasses and mirrors.

In order to build strong relationships with customers, we guarantee the safety of their furniture. That’s why we use cardboard tubes for furniture and electronics along with stretch tubes. The transparent tape we use is essential, but we also have clean and new blankets that cover the furniture and don’t touch other things.

Returned Customers

In the history of the company, we have more than 4500 returning customers. Returning clients mean they are happy with our Dubai moving service and trust us to connect again.

We look first-hand and maintain long term relationships with our customers. That’s why customers trust our services and decide to move their apartment or office for the second and third time.

Flexibility in extra items

Once we load the truck, don’t worry if there are additional items that can’t be transported in one truck, we will use our second truck. We don’t charge extra for the second truck, but if the second truck is also full, we only charge the vehicle.

If there are one to five items left from the first truck, there is no further charge. Because sometimes customers don’t have too much stuff but they don’t fit on the truck, as a professional moving and packing company in Dubai, we try to help them and don’t charge extra.

Expert furniture carpenters and helpers

The team is the most important pillar for the company. Our moving team is professional and trained before coming to our company. You have passed a number of drive and packer tests administered by our professionals.

Cabinet makers can disassemble and repair all kinds of royal and luxury furniture, as well as household appliances. And our assistant team can do all kinds of packing, such as home packing, goods packing, office packing and warehouse packing. Our Dubai packing and moving team is properly uniformed and well equipped.

Supervisor monitory 

It is very important for moving and packing companies in Dubai to have supervisors who guide carpenters and helpers and communicate with customers. Our managers oversee all our staff activities, such as furniture safety and more.

The supervisor is also responsible for any damage of any kind to the client’s property. He supervises the workings of the workers, such as packing and unloading of furniture and repairs, etc. The supervisor reports directly to the company manager when problems arise because of the company team.

Covered moving trucks

The company has 6 4 tons with crate painting. These trucks serve as movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other cities.

Well packed trucks for transporting goods into homes and luxury homes. Your personal belongings are protected from prying eyes, which is an attractive advantage.

Our trucks have the correct sticker and contact number provided by the manager along with the complaint number. If you find that our driver is an employee of any kind, you can contact us directly. As the best moving company in Dubai, our goal is to provide our customers with easy moving services.

How do we deal with house and office shifting in Dubai?

Home and office moving Dubai offers all the help and support you need to move and repair your belongings in your new home or office. Everyone should hire a professional company to transport their goods safely and quickly. In this case, you should submit all your concerns to our team.

The way we work is very simple. We pay great attention to customer satisfaction and the safety of their goods.

We treat our customers based on our customer’s requirements such as quantity of furniture and equipment, distance, moving time, packing quality and many more.

We offer all types of moving services in Dubai. If you know all the places here, you can move easily and quickly. If you live in a villa and are planning to move, as a Dubai moving company, we can help you.

All your goods will be handled by our professional team. We unpack all your belongings and repair them at your new location.

We also pack all your appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, televisions and more.

Below the full service is described in detail, so read on and know all about our company, our service processes and how we operate. Here we have properly explained how we move your furniture from your old house to a new place.

Items survey for official quotation

Once you apply to a Dubai moving company, our supervisor will contact you and guide you through the entire process. The clerk will come to your house and take all the details about the quantity of goods, quality of service and distance of transportation.

Furniture and appliances dismantling

We have the most professional and experienced carpenters and packing team. We disassemble all furniture and breakable electrical elements. We unload the items so they can be easily packed and loaded onto trucks. Make sure disassembly is the most important factor when moving furniture and equipment.

Furniture and electronics packing

We do complete packing of all kinds of items such as furniture, electronics, clothes, kitchen items, decorative items, etc. We use high quality packaging materials such as roll balloons, cardboard tubes, cartons, quilts and more. As a professional moving and packing service provider in Dubai, we protect all items to avoid damage to our customers’ expensive assets. Our packaging team is professional and packs every item properly with bubble wrap, stretch wrap and clear tape.

Trucks loading/unloading

Once we pack each item properly, the loading and shipping process begins. Our helpers pick up all the items and load them onto the truck. Make sure we have a 4 ton covered truck which is very useful for movers in Dubai. We transport goods to new locations according to customer instructions and then unload them in their new homes.

Furniture, appliances, curtains fixing

After safely arriving at the new location we unload the trucks and our carpenters quickly start the fixing work according to the customer’s direction. As our clients want to fix their furniture and other items. We will fix furniture, appliances, curtains, wallpapers, photo frames, wall clocks, etc. We have a professional handyman team who can fix and hang all kinds of décor items and curtains.

What are the client’s responsibilities?

It is the customer’s responsibility to clear things up before the moving and packing team in Dubai comes to you. If something is not clarified on the part of the owner and he does not allow the item to be taken away, the moving company team will leave the site and start other work.

This can slow down your work, sometimes the team can wait an hour at most. If they are not cleaned within an hour, they leave and go to another scheduled job.

Inform 2 days before of moving

So when a Dubai moving company sends you a furniture moving offer, you need to respond in time and schedule a work date and time two or three days ago, why?
Because they are also backed up by other people and it is a professional way to inform the other party about any kind of work a few days ago if you do this.

Landlord clearance

We’ve seen in many places that even 80% of people don’t get in or out on time, so this is a problem and weekday delays.

Please do any sort of settlement with your property manager because if the mover sends their team to move your stuff and they start work late due to clearance, it will be done later.

And maybe they’ll leave their blinds and drill bits in the new house, because if they’re late by 21:00 in the UAE, the rule is drilling isn’t allowed after 21:00, and even on the second day you can’t. sending workers as more work is planned.

Clear all the utility bills

Customers are responsible for paying all utility bills such as telecommunications providers, gas companies, water companies, etc. This is especially important before the transfer team arrives at your location. If this bill is not paid, we are not entitled to do your work.

Safety of your expensive items

The moving company will take care of your valuables and package everything professionally to protect your device and furniture from any kind of scratches and damage.

But our means if you have anything personal like money, gold and other personal belongings hope you keep it because the moving team will put these things in a box and eventually there may be problems as we have seen many times . Sometimes maids put expensive items in boxes and customers thought they were missing.

How relocation company offer quotation?

Customers want to know more about the process for bidding companies to relocate to Dubai if they plan to relocate their home furnishings. The pricing procedure is when you contact the mover, they will ask if you can send the location.

You need to inspect the furniture for your home and any items you wish to move from a furniture replacement company in Dubai.

Or they will ask you to send photos and videos of your furniture and other items such as kitchen items, bedrooms, living rooms, curtains and lamps, wall frames, etc.

So what’s the best way to do it? We encourage you to send us your home location and they will send their manager to inspect all items personally if you need an accurate price for your item.

Why to send location instead of sending photos and videos?

The best way to get an exact amount of quotation according to the quantity and quality of service is to let moving company allow to visit the house and check the items. This is the only way to get reliable and accurate quotation.

Sometimes client’s not cover all items in photos and videos. If the company don’t know about these items and not included in the photos you have sent. They can increase the price when moving if the items are over 1 truck.

Send your place location to the company and they will send supervisor to give you accurate price.

Do you want to unpack the boxes, clothes, shoes and other items?

Dubai Movers will provide you with all the help and support you need to complete your moving work. But if you want to unpack the box and put clothes and small household items in the closet. Maids have no experience in this, and the company doesn’t allow them to reveal expensive or personal items.

But if it matters, then we have other ways to do it. If needed we provide Filipino women, they unpack all the boxes to put kitchen utensils, clothes and personal items in the right places.

4 Unique benefits we offer

The difference between us and other moving companies is the unique advantage we offer that makes us a professional moving and packing company in Dubai.

The first advantage of using our moving services is that our prices are reliable and affordable. The price we offer is based on a survey. Once we do proper validation, check what items are being moved. Our office team sends you a budget quote. We allow customers to compare our prices and make better decisions for them.

The second benefit is time. Time is the most important thing in the world and we have trained our team to get the job done with the clients within the allotted time. We first calculate the time in the survey and once we know how long it will take we tell the client how many hours it will take to complete it.

The third unique benefit of our service is for your health. Movers in Dubai are more likely than others to contract Covid-19. But don’t worry, our team members are checked daily by the supervisor and if someone is unwell, we send them to the hospital. Our team is properly vaccinated and disinfected. We test for Covid-19 every 3 days.

The fourth advantage of using our Dubai moving company is security and assurance. We make agreements with customers based on the safety of their goods. The workers take care of all your and your belongings. The workers take nothing from your fridge, not even water. We guarantee that we will be responsible if something like property damage happens to customer property if done by our staff in unloading, packing and relocation.

Advantages Of hiring a professional moving company in Dubai

Hiring movers and packers has many advantages for those of us who don’t know the proper process of moving furniture to another place. Listed below are the benefits that can help you trust Dubai movers and packers as your trusted moving partner.

Safe packing of furniture and appliances

Carriers and packers ensure the safety of your goods by providing them with the best packaging while traveling. They provide quality packaging materials for furniture, appliances, kitchenware, clothing and more.

They also provide the best packaging for office furniture and equipment so you don’t have to bother when your office has to move.

They are the ones who will provide the boxes and pack and unload your things when they reach your next destination. If you have furniture that needs to be unpacked before packing, they can solve this problem too.

You will disassemble and reassemble everything once your furniture arrives at its new destination. You don’t have to worry because they take care of your furniture while you care for it.

Proper dismantling and fixing

This is the main advantage of hiring a professional moving company. They have a team of well-trained and professional carpenters and packaging assistants. Furniture combiners can easily disassemble and repair all kinds of royal, luxury and local furniture.

Hiring a moving company is a good solution if you don’t have the right resources and equipment. They are technically oriented people and know how to transport their goods safely.

All the basic tools are available in the tool chest and they can repair and repair the furniture if they find something broken by you.

Safe transportation for furniture and appliances shifting

Movers and packers in Dubai provide vehicles such as large and small trucks for you to move. You don’t have to worry about this as it is part of the service they offer, which is very useful.

They have skilled workers who load and unload all your goods from the trucks and unload everything as soon as it is delivered to your next location.

The truck is well packed for rain and dusty weather. All your belongings are safe in the truck.

Insurance plan

Registered movers and packers are insured for the services they provide in the event of a problem such as loss of goods or your furniture being damaged in the process of moving.

So we need to find a company that is legal and has a work permit to make sure that our furniture is safe.

When something like the loss of an expensive item or broken furniture occurs. First of all, we try to solve the problem without contacting the insurance company. The clerk will try to repair the item or bring a new one.

However, if the issue cannot be resolved with the company’s supervision, it will fill out an insurance form and you will receive a refund or a new item as soon as possible.

Time-efficient service

If you are the only one packing and transporting your furniture, it will take a long time, especially if you have other jobs or are busy all the time.

Unpacking, packing, and repairing really takes a lot of time, but hiring movers and packers can help and save you time.

They have very professional staff who can help you pack all your goods with high quality packaging materials. This will make you feel comfortable because they can do their job well and get it done on time and deliver all the goods to the right destination.

More About Our Services

We move every part, all household items such as furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, cookware, clothes, shoes, books, shelves, electronics, plants and so on. All items are well packed by our staff and transported safely to the new location.

Our moving costs depend on things that affect a lot of space and stuff, so abundance is important nowadays. We also offer seasonal discounts.

After all, if you just have less space and furniture and living room, it is very good, less proportional depending on transportation and packaging quality.

We provide you with a complete offer that is not limited to any assistance such as transportation, packaging and packaging materials. In fact, all packing material costs are based on the quantity of the item and will be factored into our definitive offer.

To order our movers and packers for relocation, you need to contact us 2-3 days in advance. Anyway, we wanted to have a max of 8 hours so we could arrange transportation and other basic things.

Risks Involved In Self Relocation

A solid budget is the worst thing about moving yourself. Assuming you’re moving your own resources, you’re going to have to pay a hefty fee.

When completing packing and moving tasks, there are many opportunities for injury. When packing large items, you may face various problems.

Migration alone will waste a lot of your time. It takes some investment to monitor the best channels for vehicles, packaging tools and things.

Advantages Of Hiring Us

To avoid the hassle and huge risk of moving on your own, you need to hire a packing specialist and moving services in Dubai. Below are the advantages of hiring us –

The first and foremost benefit of employing packers and movers during a moving system is to ensure the well-being and safety of your products.

Once you hire us, our experts can guarantee that your belongings are in safe hands and you are not at risk of breakage, spillage, loss, etc.

Our specialists have excellent packaging materials to pack the goods and then the legal vehicle to use to ship your goods.

Another major benefit of hiring our movers in Dubai is that you can take the load off your shoulders and leave the equally difficult task of yours to the experts.

Once you engage us, we are responsible for not only properly packing our assets into your whereabouts, but also shipping them further to the location you specify. This saves a lot of hard work and time during the replacement process.

The assignment of our packaging and transport specialists offers another advantage. Our experts use the right materials and strategies to package and ship your products.

Assuming you did it yourself, you probably won’t get it without errors. The materials used by our experts prevent damage to your property.

When we hire our experts, they will provide you with a product protection strategy. This means that damage caused by accident or damage is fully covered and you do not have to pay for it yourself.

Hiring experts from our Dubai moving company will help you further expedite the most common types of transfers as the responsibilities are divided between you and our company. This means while the Specialist is loading and shipping goods, you can handle other important tasks.

How Packaging Is Done

Packing is hard work, especially when you are so busy with things and want to move critically. Our packers in Dubai will help you solve and eliminate all your worries as they will help you move your furniture to the next location.

In this way, our experts ensure that your furniture is protected as far as possible and transported to the next area on time.

When packing your furniture, you have many materials at your disposal. They have a roll of plastic balloons and a small air bag filled with air.

It is most commonly used for packaging cups, mugs and other delicate items. You can install the air cushion film after using the carton package to make it safer during shipping.

Convenient Transportation

One of the important things to remember when migrating is the vehicle that must be passed. The most convenient transportation is by truck, while moving is one of the administrations provided by our moving and packing company.

They have small trucks as long as you have less furniture and big trucks if you don’t have a lot of furniture to move. This will help you too.

Types Of Packers And Movers


Local movers takes into account the movement within the city/municipality. They have a vehicle organization and staff who know the city well and will take the fastest and safest route to their destination.


Moving from one city to the next without considering the distance? Highway movers are aware of migration to countries.

For example, at Mega we have drivers who are very familiar with the country’s road network; This way we know the best trucks and vans for transporting a wide variety of products, vehicles, pets, collectibles, etc.


This drive focuses solely on vehicles worldwide. This is justified by excessive administrative effort and worldwide relocation regulations.

They are experts in dealing with all sorts of issues and making sure the work gets done on time.

If you are moving within the city, we provide local movers. If you move to another city, we have movers on the highway, and we have global movers if you move to another country.

To Sum It Up

In addition, we offer forms of assistance for businesses and shops, provided that there are some large items such as refrigerators, stands and various other things that need to be professionally destroyed and repaired if necessary.

We have the experience and masterpiece for this type of work. Therefore, choosing us may be ideal for you to move your home, office or villa. You will get many benefits with our packers and movers in Dubai. You can also contact our customer service or visit our website for more information.

What items are shifting by movers and packers in Dubai?

Movers and packers can relocate everything at your convenience. If you want to move your household items such as home furnishings and other residential and commercial items, moving companies can help you with this.

In UAE it is common for everyone to change house after one year or in the middle of the year. That’s the reason! Because here in the United Arab Emirates, you have a year’s rent for a house, office or shop and depending on the shop and the job here, people don’t stay in one place, they change their location, their homes and offices.

Before we list the items and services provided by Dubai moving companies, let’s dig deeper into mooring services.

Furniture Moved by Carriers and Packers in Dubai When it comes to moving services, many questions and inquiries come to our mind but the most important and common one is for furniture moving services.

Furniture moving services are a key service in the moving industry whether in Dubai or anywhere else in the world. Because professional disassembly, packaging, moving and fastening of furniture is very important and can only be done by a professional moving company.

They have skilled carpenters and packing assistants who can disassemble and repair furniture in a new home or office.

Kitchen utensils and other household items such as clothes, boxes, curtains, books, baby items, personal items and much more are replaced during the moving service.

They also provide boxes for packing and other packing materials. If anyone needs to pack his personal belongings before the moving team arrives home, prepare boxes and other packing materials a week in advance.

The movers and packers also carry security lockers. When the security locks are heavy and you want to change their place in the same house or move to a new house.

The moving team can control all kinds of safety interlock circuits. They know how to safely pick it up and move it to a new place without damaging the walls, doors and floors of the house.