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Welcome to the best moving and packing company in Al Ain, we offer moving services all over Al Ain. Our moving and packing services are affordable, professional and highly reliable. We have professional staff to take care of your goods.

Moving house, office or other place and things are very complicated and stressful. But if you want to get rid of the headache then you need to hire Al Ain movers who offer their best service with guarantee and responsibility.

About our company

House Shifting Movers & Packers was registered in the United Arab Emirates in 1998 under the Moving and Packing Company License Category. The main goal of the company is to provide all types of commercial and residential moving services. More than 50 teams are currently working in the UAE. Our services are special for moving houses, villas and offices.

  • Guaranteed services
  • Reliable moving prices
  • Punctual service
  • Best quality packing materials
  • Box covered trucks
  • Free house survey

Types of movers in Al Ain

We offer all types of moving services such as residential and commercial moving for homes and offices. Using high quality packaging materials is strength as the main goal of our company management is to become the most professional moving company in Al Ain.

There are many moving companies working but make sure to choose a professional and licensed company or you will get in trouble.

Why? Because nowadays we get too many complaints against moving and packing services but after checking company details some of them are not fully registered companies and therefore their trucks.

Unregistered companies are not allowed to work and this is our law, which is why we have to choose legitimate Al Ain movers to work for.

House movers and packers in Al Ain

We offer all kinds of moving and packing services in Al Ain but the highest priority service is for homes as Al Ain is a residential area and a lot of people live here.

We can offer you a full moving and packing service if you are planning to move your furniture to Al Ain. We pack their goods safely and securely and deliver them to their desired locations on time.

We assure you that we will manage your steps in a very convenient and secure process. We offer the best and most professional home replacement services in Al Ain and throughout the United Arab Emirates.

No need to worry anymore about moving your furniture and you no longer need to use any tools or trucks because Al Ain mover is ready to help you.

We are professionals in this field, so when you move you should let us manage your belongings. We offer trucks of various sizes to load and ship all your furniture.

We have many trucks you can use. If you need 2 or more trucks to transport them, we can provide them for you. This is done to ensure the safety of your furniture and equipment from being damaged and scratched due to being moved.

Bedroom with living room moving

If you only have one bedroom and need moving and packing, then we are the one to do the work for you. We perform all kinds of packing, unpacking and bedroom repair services. Packaging for clothing and kitchen utensils is included in our package.

We use a lot of high-quality packaging materials to pack everything in your home and then unpack and fix it in a new place. Living room elements such as sofa, dining table, tea table, computer table and carpet are also included in this package.

Full villa movers in Al Ain

As you know from our company, our services are mainly related to villas and houses. If you have a large family and need to transport all items such as furniture, household appliances, living room items, kitchen items from your villa, we will provide you with a full responsible service.

Make sure we also provide staff to do the packing, unloading and arrangement of kitchen utensils. We give 100% responsibility to make sure all your items are safe and in case of any inconvenience our team as professional movers and packers at Al Ain will be responsible.

We also offer a service to buy and sell used furniture in Abu Dhabi if you want to get rid of some of your furniture and appliances.

We all know how big villas are, some of them have 3 bedrooms but most have 5 bedrooms so they hire moving and packers to help you move in.

It becomes a very stressful job when you are the only one moving, especially when you have a lot of furniture that you need to pack and ship to your new location. This is time consuming and unless you have a job or are always busy, you will not be able to complete your move.

Our villa movers in Al Ain are experts on this and will help you with this. They give you everything you need to move your villa. From packing your furniture, they use suitable packaging materials to ensure its safety during transportation.

They also unpack and repair your furniture. Once all your items are loaded into the moving trucks they provide, they will be shipped to your next location.

After that you don’t have to worry anymore because they will disassemble, disassemble and assemble your furniture. Sounds good doesn’t it? Leave all your concerns to us and we will take care of them and offer you the best service you need.

Office movers and packers

We have a team of experts in moving services for all types of offices and IT systems. We can replace all official items such as computer systems, servers, computer desks, chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets and more.

We have separate office moving teams, especially those who are well trained in office systems. It’s impossible for an ordinary Al Ain mover to move office equipment, but don’t worry, as I explained earlier, our team is very professional and knowledgeable.

Special boxes for important files and data are available and our team marks each item for repair in the new office at the right place.

We also have a service for buying and selling used furniture like you have an office in Dubai and you have used furniture there and want to sell it. Don’t worry, just contact us, our team will give you the best price for your goods.

Local moving in Al Ain

We are doing a local movement inside Al Ain. Al Ain is a residential city and many of its citizens live here. Our service is house and villa moving. All kinds of luxury, royal, modern, Italian and local furniture, demolition and repair.

The furniture is very expensive and you need to hire a professional carpenter in Al Ain who has trained carpenters. And we have the most professional furniture makers. They disassemble the furniture and repair it without damage with a guarantee.

Local relocation as moving from one villa to another in the same city or emirate. This type of movement doesn’t take long because there isn’t much distance involved. But our company employees are very fast. They can be moved to a full villa in a day or a half.

Long-distance moving

Because we have large covered trucks, it is very easy for us to move long distances. Our team unloads the furniture, packs it and loads it onto the truck, assigning proper places to specific items on the truck.

This type of displacement is longer than local, because distance is the main delay at work. However, you don’t have to worry about hiring a professional mover and packer at Al Ain for your long-distance trip.

Our supervisor will give the customer a fixed time to reach the new location if there is no traffic delay. You will receive your goods undamaged in your new home within one day.

Our vehicles are well built and can transport all kinds of goods well. In the rain and dust on the road, there is no leakage at the top. Mostly we place thermocouple plates on furniture and appliances to support each other’s weight when we travel long distances.

High quality packaging materials for moving in Al Ain

For the packaging of household goods, the company uses first-class and high-quality packaging materials. These items are moving boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap rolls, cardboard rolls, canvas blankets, plastic sheets, peanuts, foam, and more.

As a trusted shipping and packing company, Al Ain buys these goods from well-known manufacturing companies to ensure the safety of customer assets. The packaging material is of the utmost importance, as transportation can prevent major damage to your goods.

Our team arranges suitable packaging materials for mobile and office. The supervisor supervises the work of workers if they do not use certain packaging materials for certain purposes, such as: B. commercial or personal transfers.

What are the usages of different packing materials for the specific items?

There are many packing materials but without professional shippers & packers in Al Ain, it is not possible to use them for a specific item. Our team knows which materials protect furniture, devices, etc.

Usage of moving boxes

Moving boxes are made of cardboard that has different sizes such as small, medium, large and hangers. These boxes are used by movers in Al Ain to pack all the small household items. This is a 5 ply box, strong enough to protect any object while moving.

Household items such as clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, small decorative items, groceries, groceries, books, etc. are packed in movable boxes.

You can receive the transfer box a week before your transfer. If you have personal items, you think it’s good to pack them yourself.

Usage of stretch film roll

Rolls of stretch film are great for packing furniture, tools and boxes. We use rolls of stretch film after properly wrapping the furniture in a linen blanket. It is used to protect the packaging of items such as: B. their use after blankets, bubble wrap, boxes and cardboard rolls.

As the best moving company in Al Ain, we guarantee quality service with strong and protective packaging for furniture and household appliances.

Usage of air bubble roll

Bubble roll is a very useful invention in the field of packaging. The drive uses this material to protect glassware and glass. Air in plastic bubbles cover items to prevent damage.

When movers pack several kitchen items into a box, they wrap each item in bubble wrap and put it in a box. It can protect mirrors, glass doors, glass tables, bottles and more.

Our Al Ain movers use balloon rollers on all moving parts. Don’t worry about your glassware, we have the best solution.  

How to choose the best and professional movers and packers Al Ain?

There are so many things that users should consider when purchasing a service, but be sure to read these carefully so that you can choose the best mover for you.

Reading reviews from the internet and asking some friends who have moving experience can be your way to choose the right moving and moving service in Al Ain.

The first thing to remember when looking for a replacement service is that they need to have professional movers and packers to do their job properly. In this way we ensure that our employees are well trained so that they can do their jobs and meet the needs of their customers.

The second thing to note is the location. The mover needs to know the correct route to get to your location or a new place where the furniture will be delivered.

This reduces the loss or misplacement of your valuables. As the best moving company, we make sure our customers are happy with our work and that includes delivering furniture safely and on time.

The third is your movement speed. Of course, we attach great importance to our furniture and don’t want to see any damage or scratches just because of your move.

But we also want it to be cheap. So if you are looking for a moving company that you want to move safely at a low cost, then we are also a cheap moving and packing company in Al Ain. You don’t have to worry because we offer the best moving services at affordable prices.

At our company, we are a team of professional moving and packing companies and we have one goal, which is to offer our customers the best service in the moving process. We treat everyone like family and always work as a team so we can get everything done perfectly.

Rest assured that once you choose us as your mobile partner, all your worries will turn into happiness and we will exceed your expectations. We Movers and Packers will never let you experience doubt and stress because we will surely offer you the best mooring service in Al Ain.  

Why do the Al Ain citizens love our services and hire our team?

We provide reliable moving services to our clients because we guarantee the quality and safety of the work. We offer the right price per cage according to the type of movement.

We have suitably uniformed specialists such as expert craftsmen, cabinet makers, packers and office teams.

Customers recommend our services to neighbors, family and friends if they need movers and packers in Al Ain.

We have happy clients because our service is accurate and we are done by a certain date. If the team finishes work early, we ask the customer if they need further assistance.

The company has been operating since 1998, we have the most professional and experienced craftsmen for all kinds of movable and office furniture.

60% of our work comes from UAE Arabs. You trust us and we make the best work even better.

Our main focus is the satisfaction of our customers. We left the place after the customer said OK, I rate, then we charge the service.

Liability and insurance:

The company has insurance plans that cover all types of furniture and household appliances. As the best moving company, we are responsible for any kind of damage to your property.

If there is damage to the furniture and equipment, the supervisor solves the problem according to the customer’s expectations.

There are no serious problems in the company’s work history, but unfortunately the workers broke the goods. Supervisor will repair or replace it with a new one in the same game.  

Relocation Main Services


Furniture Dismantling Service


Furniture Packing Service


Furniture Fixing

Furniture and appliances dismantling

When you need to move furniture from your home and office, it is very important that you hire a moving and packing service that can help you, especially if you have a lot of furniture.

If you have a lot of items at home, such as B. Wardrobes, desks, cupboards that don’t fit in your doors and hallways, you should really unpack them before packing.

When you disassemble furniture, you really need to pay attention to every part of your valuables because you have to put them back together once they reach your new place.

If you are busy with your work and do not have enough time to do these things then it will be much easier if you hire a moving and packing service in Al Ain to help you in the moving process.

If the furniture needs to be disassembled, we can provide it for our customers. We measure the doors and furniture to be transported to find out which furniture will be unpacked first before packing. We had to disassemble the furniture to avoid damage.

Furniture and other items packing

Packing furniture is a very difficult thing, especially if you have limited time and materials. Hiring movers and packers can help you pack your furniture properly and quickly.

You don’t have to think about how to buy the packaging material because they will provide it for you.

Because we offer the best moving services in Al Ain, we don’t just pack your belongings, we pack them with care and with high quality packaging materials.

We have boxes to place your small items and gadgets, adhesive tape to seal them, balloon wrappers for fragile materials and many more packaging tools to ensure your furniture in your home or office is safe during transit.

Furniture, appliances and curtains fixing

Furniture repair comes next when it finally reaches your new location. If you think disassembly is difficult, fix it. You must return your furniture to how it was before it was disassembled.

What if you don’t get it back? What if you lose the rest? This will be a waste of money and time because if you can’t fix it, you won’t be able to use it anymore.

The services we offer also include assembling furniture. You don’t have to worry about how to fix it because we will do it for you and you can rest assured that we will return all disassembled furniture back to its original condition safely and undamaged.