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Most Professional, Trusted, Reliable, Affordable and Best Moving & Packing Company in Ajman. The services we offer for moving houses, moving villas, moving offices and much more. We make the best and professional packaging for all household items using high quality packaging materials. The most experienced carpentry team unpacks, packs and repairs all elements.

We have been operating throughout the Emirates as a reliable moving company, our prices are very affordable based on the quantity and quality of goods.

Moving your home from one place to another without asking for professional help is not easy. Moving furniture and equipment requires tools and materials. Tools such as vehicles, tool boxes and materials such as cardboard boxes, stretch film rolls, bubble rolls and more.

We are well suited to do any relocation task for you as we have a team of professionals who have been in the relocation field for 22 years.

You have the opportunity to save 50% of your budget by hiring our team. The guard will tell you the price after checking all your items.

Our team has passed various types of tests from global moving companies and is certified as a professional moving company in Ajman.

About our company

We are a professional and reliable moving company operating in the United Arab Emirates. Our main focus is work processes to improve and satisfy our customers.

  • Guaranteed services
  • Reliable and affordable prices
  • 22 years of practical experience
  • Boxed covered trucks
  • Using high-quality packing materials

Services of movers in Ajman

Ajman is a beautiful emirate in the United Arab Emirates, but there are many moving companies there, most of which are unregistered. Make sure you choose a professional and registered moving service to move your household items.

Here we offer all kinds of moving services such as: Such as local moving, remote moving, goods packaging, warehouse packaging, furniture assembly, equipment installation, curtain installation, and many more.

We are the best moving and packing company in Ajman because of our affordable prices and smooth moving services.

We offer all types of commercial and residential moving services listed below. We provide the following services when moving your home or office.

Local Moving

Moving household items such as furniture and appliances within the same emirate is a local move. We do 2 to 3 local transfers per day. This mode of transportation does not take as much time as long-distance travel because transportation saves time.

Our team is highly trained for all types of local moves such as relocation, offices, shops and warehouses.

We are available 24/7 if you need urgent service. Our team can reach you and get moving within an hour of you contacting us. We can complete your work from 3 to 4 working hours.

We have all kinds of indoor and outdoor vehicles. We use this vehicle in local transportation. Our trucks have enough containers to accommodate up to 2 sleepers in one trip.

Our company is a reputed moving company in UAE and our offices are available in the seven emirates of the country.

Long-distance Moving

We offer all types of long distance travel from state to state. Our team protects your furniture and electronics during long transportation. We make appropriate packaging for all your items and protect and ensure each item is protected.

We use suitable packaging materials and our container trucks are fully enclosed, which is suitable for all weather conditions such as rain, dust and wind.

You can order our services anywhere in the country, our team will contact you at specific times. We inform our customers in the early process about the time and duration of the service.

The company has multiple vehicles, so we can load all your villa furniture and other items at once. We have a five star rating in our business profile as a professional moving company in Ajman.

You can save your budget and time by booking our company for your long distance travel.

Cargo and Storage Packing Services

Packing for cargo and storage is not easy because this type of packaging is only done by a professional packaging team.

We use high quality packaging materials to ensure that your expensive items will not be damaged when shipped overseas or stored in warehouses.

Warehouse packing is also the same as packing goods because it takes longer to store goods. If the packaging is strong, your goods will not be damaged. We provide guaranteed packaging services.

Relocation Activities

Activities are mover and mover steps when moving your household items. All of these moving activities are available here, please check and if you need any moving services or activities contact the company.

Dismantling of furniture, appliances

Disassembling furniture and equipment is very important when you want to move your belongings. Proper disassembly can protect your belongings while driving. If the furniture is not unloaded, it cannot leave your lift space and cannot be attached to the truck during loading.

Here we have professional cabinet makers who can disassemble and repair all types of residential and commercial furniture without damage.

As professional movers and packers in Ajman, our team will help you ‘free of burden’ moving all kinds of luxury, royal and modern furniture that our carpentry team can dismantle.

Our team also dismantles curtains and household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, stoves and dishwashers.

Packing of furniture and materials

Packaging of furniture is very important when transporting it from one place to another as it protects it from breakage and damage.

We have a skilled and trained packaging team to do this job. The cost of packing the furniture is included in the offer, so there is no extra packing fee for the customer.

Packing is a very stressful job, especially when you are so busy with other things and you need to move out soon. The best moving companies will help you overcome and eliminate all your worries because they will help you move your furniture to your next destination.

With this, movers in Ajman ensure that all your furniture is safe and delivered to its next location on time.

When packing your furniture, we have many materials you can use for packing. We have rolls of plastic balloons and small air-filled balloons. It is most commonly used to wrap cups, mugs and other fragile items. You can also use boxes to store your small items and seal them with tape.

We also have rolls of stretch film, wooden boxes, boxes with hangers, straps and cords to use when transporting your furniture. This is why you should look for and hire Ajman moving services because we have all the materials or tools you need so you don’t have to worry about moving.

Furniture, electronics moving and fixing

We have a 4 ton covered truck that we use to move around. We collect all your items after the team finishes packing and loading. All your goods will be transported safely and carefully.

As the best moving company in Ajman, we have professional cabinet makers who will repair your furniture once you reach your new destination.

The team disassembles the furniture and equipment and then repairs it where you ask for it. If you buy new furniture, don’t worry, our team can also repair new furniture.

Our carpenters are trained to repair furniture in the children’s room first and then in the bedroom, we don’t want to wait in the car for our customers.

Boxes unpacking like clothes and kitchen items

We unpack all the boxes packed by our staff and store your kitchen utensils, shoes and clothes wherever you want. Be sure to check the availability of all items while the staff is at your home. Because sometimes it causes problems for customers when something is missing and out of place.

As a professional mover and packer at Ajman, we guarantee that there will be no inconvenience. We also provide female workers to help you clean, decorate and repair things at home.

Used boxes, tapes, and garbage cleaning

This is the only service that sets us apart from other moving companies in Ajman and makes us unique. We collect all items used for packaging purposes, such as boxes, transparent tape, rolling pins, roll-up balloons, and dispose of them in the nearest trash can.

All rubbish will be disposed of after the repair work is completed. Our top priority is to make you feel happy and satisfied after using our moving company.

This is the last and final activity of the moving team. You can tell your supervisor if you are not satisfied with the service and want to fix the problem. You can pay the service fee after you are satisfied and agree with the manager.

Moving Types

Apartment Relocation

When you move into an apartment in Ajman, the first thing you will think about is how to pack all the furniture in your apartment.

That is also the reason why they prefer to hire a moving service in Ajman to assist and support you in moving your furniture into your home.

It is very difficult to move your furniture, especially when you pack a lot and have to live on the top floor of the apartment. The best mover will be the solution for this. You can pack, unpack and repair all your valuables.

They’ll also be the ones to load everything into the trucks provided by the moving and packing company you hire.

Villa Moving

If you are going to move furniture from your villa, you need to find a reliable and expert transport and furniture packing company. From packing valuables to loading and unloading trucks, you have to work safely.

You have to make sure that your furniture, tools and other things are safe during transportation. Moving villas is really stressful and very complicated but Ajman villa hammocks assure you that they offer the fastest and safest way to move your villa.

House Relocation

The houses in Ajman are mostly large and have a lot of furniture. This is why moving companies offer this type of work. You know how hard it is to move them, especially when you’re alone.

You can pack, unpack, and repair your furniture, and they also have a truck they use to deliver it.

Office Moving

Office relocation is not only a problem for workers who feel they have to get used to a new place, but also for employers, especially when they don’t know how to move office furniture.

That’s why professional moving and packing companies in Ajman offer office replacement services. They want to take care of all your worries because they are the ones who will handle the entire process of moving your office.

You don’t have to worry about having a small or large office because movers and movers at Ajman will serve you evenly and at very affordable prices. They use their packaging materials and also provide vehicles as large and small trucks to transport your furniture to your next office location.

Do you move only furniture or other house items as well?

We move all household items such as furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, stoves, kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, curtains and more. All items are well packed by our staff.

What is the your moving price?

Our moving price is based on the item, if there are many bedrooms and items, then it depends on the quantity. But if you have only one bedroom and one living room then it can be from 500 to 1000 AED depending on the quality of transportation and packaging.

Packing materials charges are included in offer?

Yes, all packing material costs are calculated based on the quantity of goods and are included in our official quotation. We provide you with a complete, inseparable offer for each service such as transportation, packaging and packaging materials.

How long ago should i inform?

As a professional moving company in Ajman, we have other work planned, don’t forget to inform us 8 hours in advance.